Our portapack measure up to the ROHS.

the last version of Portapack have the precision tcxo reference clock stability ±0.5ppm.

set portapack in hackrf model, use the osmosdr_siggen to generate rf signal and tested tcxo ref. clock ppm.

the ppm =  (1 - (4.09999817 / 4.1)) * 1000000 = 0.4463414634, under 0.5ppm.

we customize portapack-havoc source,put gpssim baseband signal file in micro sd, through portapack send to air the result is very satisfied!


./gps-sdr-sim -e brdc3540.14n -s 2500000 -b 8 -o gpssim.c8

create text file named "gpssim.txt" context:


and copy this two files into sd card at some dir:



our GPS MODULE got fake gps signal.

use another hackrf one in sdrsharp tune to gps band, the gps signal was clear and distinct.

our portapack case is made by aluminium with metal-oxide,Laser Engraving! the entire case not use any oil paint.

anyway, we provide windows version firmware tools, let you easy to firmware hackrf one with portapack, the tools have 3 diff firmware version, just click start button and wait auto reboot.

click this link:http://gridrf.com/Uploads/Download/PortapackFirmwareTool.zip

please contact our tech@gridrf.com if you have any question aboot this product.